Eliminating Bad Breath with Piper Betel Leaf Eliminating Bad Breath with Piper Betel Leaf Eliminating Bad Breath with Piper Betel Leaf. Piper betel is one of Indonesian popular decorative plants. This plant  is original Indonesia, we called it “sirih” plant. Chinese named it ju jiang, and in Singapore it is familiar called ikmo, itmo and boyo-anis.

Since a long time ago, Piper betel leaf is usually used to treat many deseases traditionally such as nosebleed, cough, bronchitis, whitis and some skin deseases. Even, piper betel leaf decoction is trusted could treat tumor and cancer. It is also known eliminating bad breath and body odor.

Piper betel leaf is containing useful chemical substansces as like essential oil which could be made treated kind of aromatherapy, stimulants, anti – inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, stop bleeding (hemostatic), aphrodisiac, tonic to the nerves and many more. chavicol in piper betel leaf  which caused very distinctive aroma is proven to kill bacteria ( the power to kill bacteria is five times stronger than ordinary phenol).

Piper betel leaf to eliminate bad breath

In Indonesia and some Asian (Malaysia, India and Thailand), there is a habit chewing betel leaf mixed with other herb such as areca nut, gambier, lime and clove. we call it “nginang“. chewing betel leaf mixed with other plants is efficacious for health, such as maintaining teeth and gums healthy, freshening breath, and even keeping of oral cancer.”menginang” is recommended  for treating teeth and mouth healthy and also eliminating bad breath.

If it’s hard to get herb for “menginang“, you can try a simpler and more practical way below. prepare 2 pieces of betel leaves then wash them clearly Brew them with hot water for 30-60 minutes in to a glass of water. rinse your mouth and swallow it. do this treatment when awaking befor getting some breakfast. If this is done routinely you will be free from both interference of mouth and bad breath. And You will be fresher, healthier and cheerful.